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Land of the pharaohs class 6

Land of the pharaohs class 6 ! Activity

If you are looking for a Questions and Answers of the Land Of The Pharaohs” class 6 story then you have come to the right place. Here you will get a All Activity Answers.

Let’s Do The All Activity Of The “Land Of The Pharaohs” Story

Land of the Pharaohs Activity 1

Tick (√)  the correct alternative:

(a) Ishan and his mother went to ( Giza / Cairo / Alexandria ) to see the pyramids.

Answer:– Ishan and his mother went to Giza to see the pyramids.

(b) A pyramid is a huge ( rectangular / Oveal / triangular ) monument.

Answer:- A pyramid is a huge triangular monument. 

(c) River ( Nile / Bhagirathi / Ganga ) flows through Egypt.

Answer:- River Nile flows through Egypt.

(d) The teen emperor of Egypt was ( Khufu / Nefertiti / Tutenkhamun ).

Answer:- The teen emperor of Egypt was Tutankhamun.

Land of the Pharaohs Activity 2

2. Complete the following sentences with information from the text:

(a) The Pharaohs lived ___________________________________.

Answer:- The Pharaohs lived in Egypt around five thousand years ago.

(b) Sphinx is a rock statue ________________________________.

Answer:-  Sphinx is a rock statue with a human head and a lion’s body.

(c) Ishan’s mother went to fetch _______________________________.

Answer:- Ishan’s mum went to fetch sandwiches and water from the car.

(d) The Egyptian priests used to preserve the dead bodies by using _______________________.

Answer:- The Egyptian priests used to preserve the dead bodies by using spices, chemicals, and oils.

Land of the Pharaohs Activity 3

Answer the following question:

 Why do you think that at the end of the day Ishan tells his mother that he likes history?

Answer:- Ishan went to Giza with his mother. There he became acquainted with the history of the pyramids and pharaohs from the Sphinx. It was very interesting. So he told his mother that he liked history. 

Land of the Pharaohs Activity 4

Fill in the chart with information from the text. 

1. The Sphinxthe rock statue with a human head and a lion’s bodyThe Sphinx
2. Ishansaw the river Nilewhen he closed his eyes and opened them again according to the Sphinx’s direction.
3. Royal personswere mummifiedbefore burial
4. Howard Carterdug Tutenkhamun’s tombin 1922

Land of the Pharaohs Activity 5

Answer the following questions in complete sentences:- 

(a) Why was Ishan’s father not able to accompany him to Egypt?

Answer:- Ishan’s father was not able to accompany him to Egypt because it was a sponsored tour for only two people. 

(b) What does the Sphinx represent?

Answer:- The Sphinx represents intelligence and strength.

(c) Name the biggest pyramid of Egypt?

Answer:- The biggest pyramid of Egypt is Khufu’s pyramid. 

(d) Why was Ishan’s mum surprised when she returned to her son?

Answer:- Ishan’s mother was surprised on her return because she found that Ishan knew a lot about Pharaos and Egyptian history. 

Land of the Pharaohs Activity 6(a)

6. Fill in the gaps with appropriate verbs:

(i) The girl __________ playing alone.

Answer:- The girl is playing alone.

(ii) A carpenter and a blacksmith _______ in our street.

Answer:- A carpenter and a blacksmith are in our street.

(iii) The king _________ very powerful.

Answer:- The king is very powerful.

(vi) The sisters and brothers__________ running in the field.

Answer:- The sisters and brothers are running in the field.

Land of the Pharaohs Activity 6(b)

Fill in the blanks with verbs in agreement with their subjects:

(i) Curry and rice ___________ my favorite fish.

Answer:- Curry and rice are my favourite fish.

(ii) No news _________ good news.

Answer:- No news is good news.

(iii) Everyone __________ present today in the class.

Answer:- Everyone is present today in the class.

(iv) Neither his father nor his mother _______ alive.

Answer:- Neither his father nor his mother is alive.

Land of the Pharaohs Activity 6(c)

Using the Help Box fill in the blanks with suitable adverbs. The type of adverb you need to use is indicated in the brackets: 

(i) The book is _________ written. (Manner)

Answer:- The book is well written.

(ii) I cannot find my pet dog __________ (Place)

Answer:- I cannot find my pet dog here.

(iii) you shall _________ see a film. (Time)

Answer:- You shall early see a film.

(iv) The soldiers fought _________. (Manner)

Answer:- The soldiers fought bravely

Help Box:  well, bravely, here, soon, early

Land of the Pharaohs Activity 7

 Make meaningful sentences of your own with the following words:

(i) monument: (স্মৃতিসৌধ ) – Pyramids are world-famous monuments. 

(ii) mummy: ( মমি ) – I saw a mummy in the museum. 

(iii) civilisation: (সভ্যতা ) – Harappa civilization was an ancient Indian civilization. 

(iv) spot: (জায়গা ) – This spot is very beautiful with its natural beauty. 

Land of the Pharaohs Activity 8(a)

Imagine one day you are walking back home from school. Suddenly you see something which was not there before-a strange door in an old familiar building. As you touch the door it slowly opens inviting you to a different world. Write in about sixty words a paragraph on your sudden visit to such a strange place, using the following hints:
name of the place – description of the place – sights and sounds – what interested you the most – your feelings

A few days ago, I was walking home from school. Then I noticed something that wasn’t there previously, it was a door that looked strange in a strange building. As I approached the door it slowly opened, bringing me into a completely different world. A tunnel opened before me. I walked into the tunnel and was astonished by the sight of all around me were innumerable galaxies, constellations, stars and unremarkable celestial objects.
I was awestruck! I looked back , and I didn’t see my home even a bit. I began to wonder about the peculiarity of the situation.

Land of the Pharaohs Activity 8(b)

Using the information given below, write a paragraph in about sixty words on the river Nile, the longest river of the world: 

The Nile is the longest river in the world. It’s located on the African subcontinent. The river measures 6,650 kilometers in length. It flows through the Mediterranian sea. In Egypt it is the River Nile creates a fertile green valley that runs across the desert. It was along the banks of the Nile that one the oldest civilizations on earth started. The early Egyptians resided and farmed along the Nile by using transport and the use of soil to grow food for their animals and for themselves.

Land of the Pharaohs class 6 summary


  1. Ishan: A young boy who goes to Egypt with his mother.
  2. Ishan’s mother: She wins a sponsored trip to Egypt in a singing competition.
  3. The Sphinx: A rock statue with a human head and a lion’s body.

Pyramids and Pharaohs :

This section is about a boy known as Ishan who paid an excursion as a tourist in Cairo, Egypt. The first destination they visited was to view three impressive pyramids. Ishan was keen to learn details about these pyramids because they were unfamiliar to him. they were. Ishan’s mother explained to him that it is a huge triangular, monumental monument. It is also burial grounds for Pharaohs. Egyptian Kings are referred to as Pharaohs and they lived approximately five thousand years ago.

Ishan was thrilled to go to these intriguing locations and wished that his father could have been with the group. Ishan’s mom had been awarded a trip to Egypt in the form of a prize from an audition for a singer, which earned only two dollars for the trip sponsored by Egypt.

The Sphinx :

The Sphinx is a rock sculpture featuring a head of a human and the body of a lion. It symbolizes strength and intelligence and protects the pyramids. Ishan’s mother , after explaining the whole thing, became hungry and went to grab water and sandwiches from their vehicle as it was an extended hike in the sunshine. Ishan was in awe when he heard his name called out as he looked around at the sky, he saw the Sphinx calling his name. Ishan was looking around, however his mother had gone. He looked up but the Sphinx was aware of everything that happened to Ishan and was determined to teach him about the past of this place.

Ishan was not a fan of learning about history since he was unable to recall the details of history. Ishan was not able to recall the facts. Sphinx said it would show him something that he will never forget, and requested him to shut his eyes. When Ishan was able to open his eyes, they were right by the Nile. Nile. Egypt was the blessing of the Nile river Nile. When Ishan closed his eyes, he was in the past. Five thousand years ago, a huge civilization thrived in Egypt and was dominated by the Pharaohs. Kings were wise, and the soldiers were courageous.

The mummy :

The ancient Egypt could also be a place that was blessed with prosperity and festivals. Ishan wanted to know more about the pyramids that were located at Sphinx. They were some of the funerary structures of the Egyptian pharaohs. The most impressive pyramid is the Pharaoh’s pyramid. Prior to the burial of the remains of the royals required them to go through the process of mummification. The Egyptian priests discovered a method to preserve dead bodies with the help of chemicals, spices and oils.

Ishan is then able to see Ishan then sees Queen Nefertiti The most gorgeous queen in Egypt. He also meets king Tutenkhamun who passed away in his teens. His remains were preserved as an Mummy. Howard Carter discovered Tutenkhamun’s tomb in 1922.

Ishan’s mom comes back with the sandwiches and water. Ishan comes back to reality and tells his mother about the history of Egypt. The mother was surprised as Ishan didn’t like history and suddenly, he is familiar with the history of Egypt. Ishan had started to like history after all.

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