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It all began with drip drip questions and answers

Students It all began with drip drip questions and answers ?

It All Began With Drip-Drip is written by Alka Sankar and Sharleen Mukundan. They are repute and renowned children’s authors. 

In this post, I shared with you all activity solutions from It All Began With Drip-Drip. I hope, it will be helpful to you. 

Activity 1

Tick[✓] the correct alternative: 

( সঠিক বিকল্পটির পাশে টিক চিহ্ন দাও )

(a) The tiger took shelter near the house of –

( বাঘটি আশ্রয় নিয়েছিল )

(i) an old woman (এক বৃদ্ধার) 

(ii) an old man ( এক বৃদ্ধের )

(iii) a neighbour. ( এক প্রতিবেশীর বাড়ীর পাশে) 

Answer:–(i) an old woman (এক বৃদ্ধার বাড়ীর পাশে )

(b) The old woman was –

( বৃদ্ধ মহিলাটি ছিলেন-)

(i) soft-spoken ( মৃদুভাষী )

(ii) Ill-tempered ( বদরাগী )

(iii) shy. ( লাজুক)

Answer: – (ii) Ill-tempered ( বদরাগী ) 

(c) The tiger thought drip-drip was- 

( বাঘটি ভেবেছিল টিপ টিপ হল -) 

(i) the constant falling of rain ( একটানা বৃষ্টি পড়া)  

(ii) the name of a man ( একটি লোকের নাম) 

(iii) a creature.( একটি প্রাণী ) 

Answer: – (iii) a creature ( একটি প্রাণী ) 

(d) Bholenath was an

( ভোলেনাথ ছিলেন একজন-)  

(i) farmer ( চাষি )

(ii) weaver (তাঁতি )

(iii) potter. ( কুমোর ) 

Answer – (iii) potter ( কুমোর ) 

Activity 2

Rearrange the following sentences In the correct order and put the numbers in the given boxes. One is done for you:

(1) She pushed her bed around the room to keep it dry. [4]

(2) The tiger took shelter outside an old woman’s hut. [2]

(3) Bholenath was looking for his donkey. [5]

(4) A tiger was caught in a storm. [1]

(5) Bholenath saw an animal huddled against the wall of the woman’s hut. [6]

(6) The old woman was III-tempered that night. [3]


Answer the following questions:

What do you think would Bholenath’s reaction be if he knew that the animal ‘huddled in the dark’ was actually a tiger?

Answer:- If Bholenath had known that the animal ‘huddled in the dark’ was actually a tiger, he would not have come close to the tiger in fear and would have run away.

Complete the following sentences with information from the text:

(a) The tiger was frightened because _____________________.

Answer:– he thought the man to be the terrible drip-drip.

(b) Bholenath’s wife screamed in fear when ____________________.

Answer:– she discovered the tiger tied to the tree.

(c) Disturbed and confused by the people, the tiger _________________.

Answer:– chewed through the rope and ran away to the jungle.

(d) Bholenath announced proudly that _________________.

Answer:– he captured the tiger last night, even pulled its ears also.

Activity 5

Answer the following questions:

(a) Why did Bholenath bring the tiger home?

Answer:- Bholenath brought the tiger home because in the dark night he thought the tiger to be his lazy donkey. 

(b) What made the neighbours come running out of their huts?

Answer:- Bholenath’s wife screamed in fear of discovering the tiger in the morning, so, hearing the screaming the neighbours came running out of their huts. 

(c) Why were the villagers relieved?

Answer:- The villagers were relieved because the tiger ran away to the jungle.

(d) How did the king reward Bholenath for his bravery?

Answer:- The king rewarded Bholenath by making him the Commander-in-chief of the king’s army. He was also given a huge house to live in.

Activity 6

Write ‘T. for true and T. for false statements in the given boxes. Give supporting statements for each of your answers:

(a) Bholenath did not know how to ride a horse. [T]

Supporting Statement: “I don’t even know how to ride a horse”, he told his wife helplessly.

(b) The king sent Bholenath a magnificent elephant. [F]

Supporting Statement: In the morning, the king sent Bholanath a magnificent stallion.

(c) The enemy soldiers were happy to see Bholenath. [F]

Supporting Statement: The enemy soldiers were astonished to see a wild-looking man tied to a fierce stallion.

(d) Bholenath defeated the enemy soldiers single-handedly. [T]

Supporting Statement: Everyone was amazed that he had defended his state all by himself against eight thousand enemy soldiers. 

It All Began With Drip Drip 
Activity 7

Answer the following questions in complete sentences: 

(a) Why was Bholenath full of despair? 

Answer:- Bholenath was full of despair because the King told him to protect his state from enemy soldiers but he even did not know how to ride a horse.

(b) How did his wife help him to overcome his trouble? 

Answer:- Bholenath’s wife gave him mental support. Him wife securely tied him to the horse with a rope. 

(c) What made the enemy soldiers greatly scared? 

Answer:- The enemy soldiers were greatly scared to see a wild-looking man tied to a fierce stallion, waving branches excitedly. 

(d) Do you think Bholenath could truly be called a legendary character? Give reasons for your answer.

Answer:- I think Bholenath could not truly be called a legendary character as he was not really a brave man and he did not do any fight at all.


Read the following sentences. Underline the nouns which indicate either a state of being or a quality of mind. 

(i) The king is known for his kindness

(ii) The beauty of the flower attracted me.

(iii) Childhood is fun. 

(iv) India attained freedom in 1947. 

It All Began With Drip Drip

From abstract nouns from the following words:

i) dark: darkness

ii) adult: adulthood

iii) amaze: amazement

iv) disturb : disturbance

v) confuse : confusion 

vi) sweet: sweetness


Underline the words that indicate a group of people, animals or things taken as a whole: 

i) I saw a crowd in front of the shop.

ii) A herd of cattle is passing by. 

iii) Our school cricket team has won. 

iv) A bunch of flowers was kept in the vase. 


Fill in the blanks with the appropriate collective nouns given in the Help Box. One is done for you:- 

i) A posse of policemen marched by. 

ii) I bought a bunch of grapes from the market. 

iii) A flock of sheep was grazing in the field.

iv) I saw a swarm of bees buzzing around.  

v) The class is very noisy. 


Underline the words in the following sentences that can be counted. Circle the words that cannot be counted. 

i) I am reading a book

ii) Iron is a useful metal. 

iii) Snowy is her pet dog

iv) She has long hair.


Read the sentences carefully and the underlined words in the correct columns:-

i) Milk is good for health. 

ii) The door is closed. 

iii) I bought a kilo of sugar from the market. 

iv) Children play with toys

It All Began With Drip Drip 

Find words from the text nearest in meaning to the words given below:

a) kingly: royal 

b) sorrow: sadness

c) surprised: astonished

d) afraid: scared 


Imagine you are caught in a Strom while returning home one night. Write a short paragraph in about sixty words describing your experience. Use the following hints: 

 Caught in a Strom

One day, I was returning from my aunt’s house. It was long-distance to my home. Suddenly, the sky darkened with clouds. Then the wild wind came. The rain was started just a moment later. There was no one around the place. I started to run in fear. A few times later I saw a home. I sheltered there until the rain stopped. When the rain stopped I quickly run to home. Never before in life had I got such a kind of experience.


Suppose you are Rima. Your grandfather is Raghunath Jha. Write a short paragraph in about six sentences about your family. 

I am Rima. Raghunath Jha is my grandfather and Banidebi Jha is my grandmother. Sundarlal Jha is my father and Rajani Jha is my mother.

My father is a farmer and my mother is a homemaker. Ramu is my brother. We are students. We go to school every day. My aunt Sabita is a potter and her husband Birendralal is a postman. They have one son Damu. Damu is a college student


It all began with drip drip Story Do you know ??

A tiger got caught in an avalanche, and he wandered through the fields looking for food. He huddled near Naini’s hut’s wall to seek refuge. Naini was a sour elderly woman who lived on the edge of her village. She was particularly agitated the day she was ill-tempered, as her roof was leaking badly.

“This drip-drip!” she murmured, moving her tin bed and trunks from one place to another in order to keep them dry. “Is there no escape?” She slammed her bed against a trunk, then picked an unwieldy wooden container and threw it on the wall. The wall shakes.

The Tiger was feeling the wall shake and could hear Naini screaming, “It’s killing me, this drip-drip!”

The tiger looked puzzled and scared. “What do you think this drip-drip could possibly be? It makes such a horrible sound. The creature must have been a horrible creature!”

Then Bholenath the potter went by. The potter was in mood as well. His donkey had run away. He saw an animal lying on the wall of the shelter. “There he is!” He yelled, and ran to the tiger , he kicked it. Then he pulled on the tiger’s ears. “Move, or I’ll break your bones!”

The tiger was genuinely scared. “This must be that terrible Drip-Drip,” he thought. With a snarl and a sigh, he went with the potter back to his home. Once they arrived at Bholenath’s hut the pottery tied the Tiger to the outside by a long rope. “You can stay out in the rain!” He said.

The wife of the potter got up early the next day. When she stepped out of the hut, she saw a wild tiger and shouted.

Bholenath came running out. He stopped when he was able to see the Tiger. Then he turned around and fled. His wife was following him, screaming. They closed the door to their home and then pushed their trunks and beds against it.

Others in the village were awake as of now. They saw the tiger’s vicious roar placed in the hut of Bholenath. They were astonished and ran off to tell other people about the incident.

The tiger was terrified and finally chewed through the rope and ran back into the forest.

After a few minutes, Bholenath looked through a tiny gap within the doors. “The tiger’s gone!” He mumbled. In a state of relief, his door was opened.

Many people came to Bholenath the same day. “Did you really kick him?” asked the carpenter.

Bholenath was able to recover from his terror. “I not only kicked and slapped him, I even pulled his ears,” Bholenath replied laughing.

The news became known until the king was informed. He contacted the potter and told him, “I have never heard of such courage! We need brave men like you in our army. You’ll serve as my Major!”

At night, as all the court members were present and a soldier came to the court crying “War! The king from the other side declares war. We’re at the border with eighty thousand soldiers!”

The king said to Bholenath, “The time has come for you to prove your courage. I appoint you my Commander-in-Chief.”

“I-I will do my best,” Bholenath mumbled in a tense state, his heart racing in terror.

In the evening, Bholenath expressed his despair at his spouse, “I don’t even know how to ride on a horse. What should I try to do?”

“Don’t worry,” she said. “I’ll secure yourself to your horses. The rest is entirely in the hands of God.”

The next day an official arrived with a stunning black horse. “It comes from the King himself! He has given it to you to take to the battle.”

Bholenath grimly followed his wife on the horse. Four attendants lifted him up onto the black stallion. Then his wife tied him on the horse. She even secured one end of rope around the tail of her horse. The horse was not happy with the sensation of all the ropes, and , reversing quickly, ran off, with Bholenath still holding onto her.

Then, Bholenath realized that the horse was headed straight for the camp of the enemy.

“No, no!” the potter yelled. He saw a tree of banyan with its aerial roots suspended above the roadway. The horse was galloping under the trees, Bholenath reached up to get himself out of the way. But the horse was moving too fast, and the roots fell right out of the branches, and floated in his hands.

“Help! Please!” the potter shouted and waved the roots around to draw the attention of others.

The horse sped off straight into the camp of the enemy. Soldiers saw a wild man with his hair and clothes flying with ropes everywhere and a ferocious black stallion, waving root and making noise.

“It’s the advance guard!” one soldier yelled. “It’s a demon!” Another yelled. “The king has a demon army!” Then another. “Run!” cried a fourth. “Run!” echoed the other members and took off for safety.

The horse of Bholenath reached the center in the camp. The ropes that been holding the potter on the horse broke and he fell off his horse. He stared around the camp, utterly confused. After a long and agonizingly slow process his body shook and he took the horse home.

The King’s army had set out to join their commander. They found him walking tired back home. “The enemy has gone,” the man told them.

The soldiers rode up to the camp to check out themselves. The camp was not occupied. The soldiers rode with pride into the city and informed the king about what had transpired.

“Scared away a whole army single-handed?” was the roar of the King with joy. “What a man!”

Today people are telling the tale of the brave potter who captured one of the tigers and beat an entire army by himself.


Frequently Asked Questions ??

Why was Bholenath full of despair ?

Answer- Since he was entrusted with the responsibility of protecting his country from the neighboring and was unsure of how to do this

Why did Bholenath bring the tiger home ?

Answer- Bholenath returned the tiger due to the fact that in the dark, he believed the tiger might be the lazy donkey.

How did the king reward Bholenath for his bravery ?

Answer- The King was rewarded Bholenath for his courage by providing him with all the luxury items in the world. He also praised his efforts with high praises for his bravery.

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