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A Chinese woman becomes Graveyard keeper for a perfect work-life balance – Read this interesting story | Companies News

New Delhi: Amdist the crucial times when work-life balance is a hot topic and a constant stress between managers and employees, a Chinese woman named Tan has done something bizzare for a perfect work-life balance. She becomes a grave-keeper so she can have enough time for her personal life, which was impossible for her earlier profession.

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She isn’t illiterate. She is a graduate of the Chinese University and now works at a mountainside cemetery in Western China’s Chongquing. She is currently earning around Rs 45,750 and compares her job to early retirement.

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She is happy with the work timing in her profession as a grave keeper. She works six days a week from 8:30 AM to 5PM and a 2-hour lunch break every day. This work provides her a job satisfaction including other perks such asa scenic view and a balanced work-life without office politics.

“Let me show you the working environment of a Gen Z grave keeper. It’s a simple and cushy job. There are cats and dogs and the internet.” She added, “Because I live here, I jokingly call myself a ‘grave keeper’,” she stated while speaking to South China Morning Post. She futher said that her job has various responsibilites such as selling tombs, sweeping the tombs for relatives and receiving guests.

Not only that she adores her job but also shares nuggests in the form of videos. Netizens are exicted to hear her story for leaving a toxic jobs and rather prefer work-life balance. One user reacted on the story and said, ‘Such a job was regarded as unlucky in  the old days but is a peaceful one to modern people.’ Another user wrote, ‘I like this Job too, You don’t need to deal with people, and there’s no office politics.


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