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Small plane crashes near Colombia due to engine failure, 8 onboard dead | Aviation News

In an unfortunate incident a small plane crashed on November 21 in a neighbourhood in the central Colombian city of Medelle, killing eight people on board, airport authorities stated. However, no injuries were immediately reported on the ground. The aircraft crashed after taking off from the Olaya Herrera Airport, Colombian aviation officials said in a statement. The victims were identified as six passengers and two crew members. It was not immediately clear if more than eight people were on the plane. The exact cause of the crash has not yet been determined. Medellin Mayor Daniel Quintero said in a statement that the aircraft experienced “an engine failure” during takeoff.

“Unfortunately, the pilot was not able to keep the plane aloft and it crashed in this neighbourhood,” Quintero said. Seven homes were destroyed and six other buildings damaged, he said. Firefighters and other emergency personnel responded.

A similar incident took place earlier, where a Precision Air passenger plane crashed into Lake Victoria as it was on its way to Bukoba Airport. Based on the reports, the plane crashed 100 meters away from the airport. The reports from local media suggest that the plane had 43 people on board.

However, it is not known if anyone has been injured in the collision on Sunday. The news broadcasts display images and pictures on Twitter show the plane mostly submerged in the lake. The airline has confirmed that rescue operations are underway, and rescuers are working to pull out passengers still stuck in the fateful plane belonging to Precision Air.

Among the 43 people on board, 39 were passengers, while there were two pilots and two crew members. Of all the 43 people, 26 were rescued and transported to the hospital. Moreover, the rescue team was constantly communicating with the pilot while carrying out the rescue operations. The reports have quoted the officers saying, “everything is under control.”

(With inputs from AP)


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