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Do you know what are pot like shining objects revolving on roof of factories? Read to find out | Companies News

New Delhi: Whether you live in a city or a far-flung village or during road trips, you must have seen something like a steel crate revolving on the roof of factories. Ever wondered what it is, what its function is, and why is it on the roofs of factories? Read on to find out the answer to your curiosity.

Actually, this steel crate-like thing that goes round and round on the roofs of factories is called Turbo Ventilator. (Also Read: Earn up to Rs 3 lakhs per month by just investing Rs 25,000 in THIS business; Details inside)

What is a Turbo ventilator?

Turbo ventilators are a member of the exhaust fan family. It is also known as Roof Top Air Ventilator, Turbine Ventilator, Roof Extractor, and Roof Top Ventilator. Apart from factories, rooftop ventilators are commonly on the roofs of warehouses, stores, railway stations, and other premises. (Also Read: SBI is offering personal loans in just 4 clicks for THESE customers; Check details)

What its function is?

Turbo ventilators work to expel the hot air inside factories. It helps in eliminating chemical pollutants and trapped heat from the factory’s interior, preserving the workers’ health.

How does it work?

The wind velocity aids in the turbo ventilators’ rotation. This rotational motion produces a natural inward flow of new energy to keep the interior of the factories cold while enabling the ventilator to discharge heat into the air.

Whether it is beneficial for the factories or not?

The only expense factories have to incur for the functioning of the turbo ventilators is the installation fee that must be paid to the producers of the turbo ventilators. These turbo ventilators operate without a power source using renewable, natural wind energy. Isn’t that incredible? The best part is that the wind never ceases and is infinite, these turbo ventilators operate 365 days a year.


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