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SBI is offering personal loans in just 4 clicks for THESE customers; Check details | Personal Finance News

New Delhi: Holder of an SBI salary account? The State Bank of India recently announced the launch of Real Time Xpress Credit (RTXC) on YONO. The biggest lender in the nation stated in a statement that RTXC was introduced with the goal of empowering clients digitally and providing more ease.

The bank’s flagship personal loan product for salaried customers, Xpress Credit, now has a digital avatar, according to the statement. Customers may now get RTXC through YONO, which is completely paperless and digital, from the comfort of their homes, the company said, adding that the end-to-end 8-step process would be quick and simple for them.

SBI’s Central/State Government and Defense salaried customers will no longer need to visit the branch in order to apply for a personal loan thanks to Real Time Xpress Credit. Now, all credit checks, eligibility determinations, sanctions, and documentation will be completed online and in real-time.

Dinesh Khara, Chairman of SBI, commented on the new service, saying, “We are happy to announce Real-Time Xpress Credit (RTXC) Loan facility for our qualified salaried clients on YONO. Our consumers will be able to go through the loan procedure digitally, without any bother, and without any paper.

To make banking simpler, we at SBI constantly work to provide consumers with an enhanced digital banking experience that is technology-led.¬†According to SBI, the digitalization of Xpress Credit distribution will also relieve the bank’s need to manage and keep a tonne of paper.


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