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BIZARRE: A house up for sale for Rs 1.6 crore has shower cubicle in the middle of bedroom –Check pic | Real Estate News

New Delhi: Buying and selling a house is routine work for real estate businessmen. But the below-discussed property is a solitary case as every home design reflects the characteristics and needs of the inhabitants. It will What could possibly have prompted someone to install a shower in the midst of a bedroom? Sounding unbelievable? A worthwhile thing to consider!

On the website Rightmove, Rebecca Glover discovered a three-bedroom home in Birmingham, UK, that was listed for Rs 1.68 crore (£175,000). Estate brokers Gordon Jones was marketing it for sale. The home mostly had a large living room with bay windows, a large master bedroom, a kitchen with vaulted ceilings, a bathroom with a rainfall shower, and a backyard with a verandah. (Also Read: Steve Jobs’ sandals sold for WHOPPING price of Rs 1.7 crore in an auction– Details inside)

Image courtesy: Zoopla.com

Image courtesy: Zoopla.com

The house did have one bedroom that was a touch unique, though. It was really noticeable, to put it mildly. On one side, it housed a single bed, a bedside table, and a desk; on the other, a bright storage unit. A shower cubicle was used to separate the two sides. (Also Read: THIS company makes the world’s most expensive beer in history at WHOPPING cost; Here’s everything you need to know)

In the centre of the space was a box shower with transparent panels. Double glazed window on the rear aspect was mentioned in the room’s description. radiator for central heating. Electric shower in the shower cubicle, per Mirror.

Glover was perplexed by the odd design and questioned, “Why have an en-suite when you can take a shower in the middle of your bedroom?”


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