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This company makes the world’s most expensive beer in history at WHOPPING cost; Here’s everything you need to know | Companies News

New Delhi: Many drinkers and non-drinkers share the misconception that the only premium beverages with exorbitant prices are wine and champagne. But this fact is absolutely not true. Several types of beer, it’s true, can cost more than a particularly old or well-known bottle of wine. Yes, there is a high-end market for beer as well. And once someone paid a stunning $503,300 for a bottle, making it the priciest beer in history.

The bottle of “Allsopp’s Arctic Ale” by The Allsopp, which is more than 140 years old, holds the distinction of most expensive beer in the world. The beverage is really more of a historical art artifact even though it has certain unique qualities, despite its high quality, the price wasn’t as high. (Also Read: “Performed well but unfortunately…” Indian employee FIRED by Meta pens anguishing note)

According to Antiques Trade, a buyer from Oklahoma purchased a bottle of Allsopp’s Arctic Ale for $304 on eBay in 2007. This is where the tale of the most expensive beer began. It came with a $19.95 delivery charge from a Massachusetts merchant. (Also Read: Get Rs 1 crore on THIS Post Office PPF 2022 scheme by just investing Rs 417 per day: Check return calculator, interest rate, withdrawal rules & other key details)

According to antiquestradegazette.com, the bottle was accompanied by an old, laminated handwritten note that was signed by Percy G. Bolster and stated that he had received the bottle back in 1919. Additionally, the beer had been “specially produced in 1852 for a polar trip,” according to the letter.

The purchaser quickly realised the beer was a part of the cache of supplies that Sir Edward Belcher had transported to the Arctic in 1852 while looking for Sir John Franklin and his crew. According to the legend, two ships had a tragic voyage through the Northwest Passage, which connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans by way of the Arctic Sea.

The sailors had to abandon the ships, therefore HMS Erebus and HMS Terror never made it back to the dock. Unfortunately, there was never any proof of the two crews. Rescue missions were sent out to find Erebus, Terror, and their crews turned up the beer bottle.


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