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Hanging out of your car sunroof may cost dearly; Mumbai woman gets challaned, details here | Auto News

OEMs in India are now including sunroofs as an essential feature in their vehicles. Though included in vehicles as a feature convenience, people in India are using them to get themselves through it in moving cars violating safety rules. Addressing the issue, police departments of various states said that they would start issuing challans against the offenders. Recently, a video showing a girl poking out of the sunroof of a Jeep Compass was uploaded on social media. Taking action based on the video Mumbai Police issued a challan against the woman.

It is unclear under which sections the challan has been filed against the woman. Reportedly, the video was shot on the Mumbai Sea Link. In the video, the woman can be seen enjoying herself poking her head through the car’s sunroof. Moreover, the car seems to be moving at high speed on the open road. It is to be noted that doing such a thing can possibly result in a fatal accident and is a violation of road safety norms.

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Sunroofs were a standard feature of luxury automobiles only a few years ago. In India today, many inexpensive cars come with sunroofs. The sunroof is a great way to let fresh air inside while also improving the car’s aesthetic value. However, people seem to be misusing the feature.

Addressing the same issue a while ago, Jet Airways CEO Sanjiv Kapoor addressed the same issue by sharing a picture of a kid hanging out of the sunroof of a car. The airline CEO criticized the parents of the child for the act. Kapoor tweeted, “Kid enjoying the breeze out of the sunroof as his car zips along on Golf Course Road, Gurugram. Where have we failed? In schooling, or parenting, or both?”


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