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RPG Group chairman Harsh Goenka shares five valuable life lessons; Do you have these qualities? | Companies News

New Delhi: The chairman of RPG Enterprises, Harsh Goenka, is a frequent user of Twitter and publishes a variety of items, including memes and motivational films. In a must-read tweet posted on Tuesday, Harsh Goenka highlighted five wise words of wisdom from his father.

The counsel given to him by his late father Rama Prasad Goenka was revealed by Harsh Goenka. The RPG Group’s founder, Rama Prasad Goenka, passed away in 2013. According to Harsh Goenka, he raised his son to be upbeat and happy and to trust people unless they give a reason not to.

Another piece of counsel was that a person’s choice of life partner will determine how happy they were. Finally, he counselled him to always act morally and fairly. He also suggested that one shouldn’t make their charitable contributions public.

If one follows wise advice, one won’t fail in life. The same advice was given to me by my father. And I’m happy to say that I adhere to it religiously,” one user said.

“Father is always a great teacher and a very helpful advisor. These concepts enable you to advance and elevate your status.

The path starts off challenging but soon becomes fun. Imagine how many people’s lives you could influence if they met and made the same choice,” a different person added.

“Good advice. We appreciate you sharing with us, another person said.


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