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Elon Musk appointed engineer Sriram Krishnan defends $8 charge for blue tick; Hails it first change in social media verification process | Companies News

New Delhi: Since tech billionaire Elon Musk has taken the reins of Twitter, Indian-origin engineer Sriram Krishnan has emerged as a main player in Musk’ team, overlooking the entire transition process of Twitter.  Now Krishana has defended Elon Musk’s plan to charge $8 for blue tick to Twitter users irrespective of their popularity, followers, and power. In a Twitter thread, he has shared four points to shut down complainers.

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He argued that several of the critiques of the $8 for verification are logically inconsistent.

The first point he mentioned that it would help to catch impersonating accounts and scammers will lose money. In the second point, he said the current system is opaque and easily gamed. There are lots of people who should be verified and some shouldn’t be. $8 gives a constant path for anyone regardless of their level of notability.

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Third, he mentioned the current model also has spam issues and you will see lots of hacked blue check.

Finally, he defended by saying verification on social media was originally meant to solve for this person is who they say they are. This will bring blue tick back to the original spirit of the design.

He concluded by saying that there will be room for improvement and changes like other products. But he is excited to see the first change in how verification works in social media in a very long time.


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