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Fathers help class 8 questions and answers

Fathers help class 8 questions and answers | Let's Find out :

Here, we provide complete solutions of DAV Class 8 English chapter 4 Fathers Help of English literature book. These exercise of English chapter 4 Fathers Help by R. K. Narayan contains 5 questions and the answers to them are provided in the DAV Class 8 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 4 Fathers Help.

Question 1: Write True or False:

(a) Swami did not want to go to school because he had a headache – False
(b) Swami’s school began at 9:00 a.m. – False
(c) Samuel taught arithmetic and history to Swami and his class-fellows – True
(d) Swami decided to fling the complaint letter written by his father into gutter – True
(e) Swami was overjoyed at getting the complaint letter against Samuel – False
(f) Swami reached the school an hour late  False
(g) Samuel gave Swami eight cuts of cane False
(h) Samuel had two arithmetic periods with Swami’s class on Monday False
(i) Swami delivered the complaint letter to the headmaster after the last bell rang False

Question 2: How did Swamy’s father react when Swami told him that he was not going to school? How different was his reaction from that of his mother?

Ans :  The father of Swami scowled at him and said that Swami shouldn’t be in a slumber on Sundays for a chance to get up with no pain on the next day. He sternly advised Swami to dress for school without delay. His response was completely different from hers as he confronted Swami with a strict stance, but his mother was able to listen to his explanations with calmness and allowed him to remain at home. 

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