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All about a dog class 9 questions and answers

ALL About a dog class 9 questions and answers

The entire story of an Dog was composed by Alfred George Gardiner. Alfred George Gardiner was a British journalist and writer. His essays, which he wrote with the pseudonymof “Alpha of the Plough” is highly considered. The uniqueness of his work lies on his capacity to convey the fundamental truths of life in a witty and humorous manner.

All about a Dog Exercise-1

Tick the correct answer from the given alternatives:

1. The younger woman carried a little

(a) spaniel

(b) bulldog

(c) Pekinese dog

(d) spitz

Answer:- (c) pekinese dog


2. The younger woman was suffering from

(a) stomach pain

(b) back pain

(c) fever

(d) cough

Answer:- (d) cough


3. The bell was pulled by the –

(a) conductor

(b) driver

(c) younger woman

(d) older woman

Answer:- (a) Conductor


4. The number of policemen to whom the woman expressed her anger was –

(a) three

(b) four

(c) five

(d) six

Answer:-( a) three


5. The problem the bus faced was with the –

(a) tire

(b) engine

(c) brake

(d) horn

Answer:- (b) engine


All about a Dog Exercise-2

Answer the following questions within fifteen words:

(1) How many people got on the bus with the younger woman?
Answer:- Two people got on the bus with the younger woman.

(2) What was the conductor’s order to the younger woman?

Answer:- The conductor’s order to the young woman was to take the dog out of the bus.

(3) Why did the conductor stand triumphant?

Answer:- The conductor stood triumphant because he could take the woman and the dog out of the bus and send them on the top of the bus.

(4) What is that rule which cannot be broken without danger to life and limb?

Answer:- The rule which cannot be broken without danger to life and limb is the rule of the road.

All about a Dog Exercise-3

Answer the following questions within twenty-five words:

(1) When did the author feel that trouble was coming up?
Answer:-The author felt that trouble was coming up when the conductor’s eyesight fell in the lap of the young woman who was sitting on the bus.

(2) Mention two demands made by the passengers when the bus stopped.

Answer:- Some passengers wanted their fares back from the conductor and some wanted to call the police to report the event.

(3) How are rules of guidance to be observed?

Answer:- Rules of guidance to be observed with a little goodwill and good temper.

All about a Dog Exercise-4

In the following sentences, underline the verb forms which show that the person denoted by the subject does something. Circle the verb forms which show that something is done to the subject:

(a) She has sung a song. ( Underline)

(b) A song (has been sung) by her. (circled)

(c) He will draw a picture. ( Underline)

(d) A picture (will be drawn) by him. ( circled)


The verb forms that you have underlined are in active voice. The verb forms you have circled are in passive voice. The active voice is the form of the verb which shows that the person denoted by the subject does something. The passive voice is the form of the verb which shows that something is done to the subject.

All about a Dog Exercise-5

Change the voice of the following sentences: 

(a) Nila has bought a book. 

Answer:- A book has been bought by Nila.

(b) They will have seen the cricket match.

Answer:- The cricket match will have been seen by them.

(c) Bhola had seen a tiger. 

Answer:- A tiger had been seen by Bhola.

(d) The nurse will attend to the patient. 

Answer:- The patient will be attended to by the nurse

All about a Dog Exercise-6

Change the voice of the following sentences: 

(a) Do the sum.

Answer:- Let the sum be done. 

(b) The poem was written by her.

Answer:- She wrote the poem.

(c) Open the door. 

Answer:- Let the door be opened.

(d) The man is known to me.

Answer:- I know the man. 

All about a Dog Exercise-7

Change the voice of the following sentences: 

(a) They agreed to my plan. 

Answer:- My plan was agreed to them.

(b) My brother lost my favourite pen. 

Answer:- My favourite pen was lost by my brother.

(c) The man is writing a letter. 

Answer:- A letter is being written by the man. 

(d) TITLI is looking for her watch. 

Answer:- Her watch is being looked for by TITLI.

All about a Dog Exercise-8

Tick the correct alternative given in the brackets: 

(a) It (rains / has been raining/ is raining) since morning. 

Answer:- is raining

(b) Last Sunday l (went/had been going/go) to the zoo. 

Answer:- went

(c) I (wil be / was /am) in class X next year. 

Answer:- will be 

(d) Rina (have reached/had reached/has reached) home just now. 

Answer:- has reached 

All about a Dog Exercise-9

Use the following flow chart to write a paragraph within 100 words on how to prepare orange Juice: 

oranges bought from the market – sorted -rotten ones removed-cleaned- peeled-put in juicer-juice extracted-sugar and preservatives added-poured in bottles-sealed-ready to be sold 

  Orange Juice Processing

Orange juice is a kind of healthy drink. It increases energy in our bodies when we are exhausted on hot summer days. To prepare this drink we have to follow a number of inter-co-related steps that go one after another. At first, some required quantity of oranges is bought from the market. Then they are sorted properly. Next, the rotten ones are removed. Again the good oranges are cleaned in freshwater. Next, after the cleaned oranges are peeled. Then they are put in a juicer. Now the juice is extracted. Then sugar and preservatives are added with the juice. Next, the juice is poured into bottles. Now the bottles are sealed. Thus orange juice is completed. At last, the drink is ready to be sold.

All about a Dog Exercise-10

Write a paragraph within 100 words on how you plan to take care of street dogs. Use the following hints: 

cruel actions towards street dogs-necessity of looking after them-ways of taking care of the dogs-conclusion

My plan to take care of Street Dogs

 Street dogs are seen everywhere, in every society. They wander here and there in their particular areas for food. For living they depend on a scrap of food fallen by human beings. The street dogs guard the area at night when the dwellers sleep in peace. But most of the time these helpless animals are neglected and also unwanted by us. Sometimes we are cruel to them if any unfed street dog enters our house. I have a plan in mind to take care of the street dogs in the future. Most street dogs are affected by diseases. l want to treat such helpless animals. Besides, I have decided to create an organization in every locality so that the street dogs can be looked after properly. We all should have sympathy for the street dogs.

All about a dog questions and answers ?

Students of class ix on the WB Board are highly recommended to read this page, as well as our website. This page contains Class 9 English All about an Dog Questions Answers in a way that is suggestive. The most important concerns of All about a Dog Class 9 are presented in this section. The solutions to the questions from All about a Dog by A G Gardiner has been delivered in top quality. The complete answer can be found of Class 9 English Chapter 2 by visiting this page. We have examined this chapter’s All about a Dog summary by analyzing the following questions below.

In this article, we will look at various types of answer to questions for class 9 English All about dogs. In the exam, MCQ questions that are short answer and long answer type questions and true false are all present. Therefore, we offer the most important class 9 English chapter 2 All About an Answer to a Dog Question for the happiness of students.

All about a dog question answer | Summary

It was a frigid winter evening. Everyone was anxious to get home in the early hours. A young woman with her dog on the bus. In the instant, the bus conductor requested the lady to walk up to the top of the bus with her pet. The other passengers were very sympathetic to the lady and her dog, given the conditions. In addition she was suffering from a cough and cold. They also did not object to the dog being carried inside the bus. But the bus driver was not going to break the rule without a struggle. He obliged the lady to climb up the bus at night, in the cold. At first, the lady was hesitant to go up the stairs and insisted on staying in the bus. She also had a disagreement over the issue with her conductor. The conductor, however, was firm when he made his choice. The bus was stopped in mid-air, causing problems for everyone on the bus. In the end, the lady had to comply with the orders by the bus conductor. The bus had engine problems passengers had to accept the delay. The conductor was not willing to accept compromise. Through the entire journey the lady was required to ride up the bus. The person who told the story tries to convince the conductor that rules need to be altered according to conditions and must be handled with respect.

Rules are designed to be comfortable that should not cause any discomfort. This is the essence of the law. This means that in our culture what is most crucial isn’t the regulations and rules but its application in a way that is based on human considerations. There is also the impression that the conductor is carrying an eye on his shoulder. This is evident to the reader because of his desire to enforce his rules on the woman. It’s as if the conductor is unhappy with the situation that he is in (class in a sense) and is waiting for every opportunity which might occur in which the conductor can exercise his power. In the event that he is trying to take the woman upstairs could be considered to be gender-biased since one would not think that the conductor would take the same action in the event that a man gets on the bus with dogs. The conductor and the woman share an intense and unrelenting hatred for one another. There are issues of gender and class discrimination being brought up. It is also possible for everyone on the bus support the woman’s refusal to climb up the bus. But it’s more evident that those same people get frustrated and end up being ejected from the bus. The feeling of unity may not last forever. There are some symbolic meanings in the tale that are significant. The night is cold and bitter which is in many ways a reflection of the way the conductor is feeling towards the woman and her dog. The woman’s attitude towards conductor at the beginning of the tale also suggest a tone of disdain. She’s not willing to follow the instructions she’s instructed. The fact that she is coughing could be important because Gardiner may use the cough to draw emphasis at the female’s voice. She is carrying one, and is ready to utilize it. Only when required does she travel to the highest point of the bus, and when she does, she is determined to walk back down the steps and then get back to her seat next to her friends. The conclusion of the story is fascinating because the narrator interacts with the conductor and informs him that he was taking the rules too seriously and in doing so, he became part of the problem. The narrator offers a different perspective on what could have gone and it’s fascinating that the conductor doesn’t necessarily agree with the narration. This is important because it indicates that the conductor has the capacity to alter his mind. This means that he might not react in the same way should confronted with the same issue the next time. If the conductor’s attitude has changed also has the lady with her dog. She doesn’t question the conductor on the next occasion, when he advises her to return up to where the buses are. This could be the argument that Gardiner wants to convey. Gardiner could suggest that people, regardless of their differences in the beginning can alter their behavior and behave differently when confronted by a common issue. It’s the spirit behind the law that is crucial for Gardiner and being aware of when to be more strict and when to relax.

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